Chapter 3

With a quick flick of her wrist, Kierann struck a match alongside the matchbox and lit a candle, she watched the flame flicker brighter and brighter as it grew and danced around before setting it down on the counter top. She heard Amara let out a faint chuckle.

“What use is it to light a candle…it’s not like we can’t see in the dark anyway.” She said –her chuckle still lingering in the air around them.

“Force of habit…” Kierann replied cocking her head to the side. Her cheeks tinged with a light red as she blushed with embarrassment.

“So there is still a remnant of human in you after all…nothing to be ashamed of, I still do things by habit as well.” Amara reassured her.

“So why is it that you are looking for me…Amara…” Kierann said as her expression quickly turned from embarrassment to intrigue.

“I will tell you...over drinks…” Amara said as she blew out the candle and motioned Kierann out the door.

“Do I know you from somewhere…how did you find me?” Kierann said tilting back her glass and taking a swig of the contents.

“You don’t know me…and finding you was fairly easy…your migration pattern is the same…they are all the same…” Amara said raising and eyebrow at Kierann. A feeling of unease had begun to wash over Kierann and she quickly shifted in her seat.

“Don’t worry; I am not here to harm you…though I am certain my brother wouldn’t think twice.” Amara said. Kierann’s ears instantly perked.

“Your brother…?” Kierann said raising a singer eyebrow with intense interest. If she didn't know Amara, how could she possibly have known her brother?

“Yes, Nash…the two of you had met on a few occasions.” Amara said without divulging any real details of how they had met.

“Name doesn’t ring a bell…sorry, please quit toying with me and tell me exactly what it is you want.” Kierann said. Her tone -nearly burning with irriation.

“You came to be what you are today because of my brother…now is it ringing a bell?” Amara said as she traced the outline of the cocktail glass with her fingertip.

Kierann froze momentarily as thoughts swarmed angrily around in her mind.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!” Kierann shouted.

“Relax…I am here to tell you that if you value your life…or afterlife I suppose…I would seriously think about packing up and leaving. If I could find you this easily…I am sure my brother can…probably already has…he may be lurking somewhere in the darkness waiting for the perfect moment to strike.” Amara said casually.

“Is this some sort of a joke or something?” Kierann asked. Amara instantly locked her eyes on Kierann’s. Her expression turned blank and almost chilling.

“Do I look like I am joking around?” Amara said before rising from her seat and walking to the banister that overlooked the floor below.

“This was my favorite place to come when I was newly born…yes, I migrated her shortly after I was turned…we all do…it’s a vicious pattern and a subconscious choice. That is why I am sure it will be no problem for my brother to find you.” She continued.

“I am warning you Kierann…Nash is a very, very dangerous man…he doesn’t like to play by the rules, and doesn’t care if he breaks them either. I don’t want to watch another person fall victim to him again…let alone twice over. Heed my warning Kierann…you are not safe here.” Amara said.

“I think I will take my chances…I am not some weak human like I was back then, I can take care of myself now.” Kierann replied, nearly turning her nose up at Amara.

“There are so many things you don’t know…and not time to tell you everything…you have been marked and once you are marked by Nash…he will find you…the only way around this is if you listen to me. I will give you the night to think about it…I expect and answer by dawn. Amara said as she turned to walk out the tall iron doors of the club.

“Wait…you said he marked me…what did he mark me with?” Kierann asked.

“A Kiss.” Was all Amara said before she slipped into the darkness.

Kierann returned home, flung the door closed behind her and launched herself over the back of the and onto the sofa. She rubbed her forehead with her hand as she desperately tried to recall the events of that night.

“Kiss me...” Her thoughts recalled. She shot up off of the sofa and jolted to the door as she it creek open.

“Xander!” She yelled. She was partially filled with relief and partially filled with annoyance.

“Don’t you ever go away? Haven’t you anything better to do than to knock on my door at all hours of the night?” Kierann asked.

“Good to see you too.” He replied sarcastically and with his signature smug look of satisfaction on his face. Kierann tried to push the door shut…but her strength was no match for his…even as a half-blood…he was still stronger than she.

“Just who do you think you are…” Kierann began to say as she tripped up on her own feet. Her body lunged backwards, but before it could hit the floor, she was nestled safely in Xanders arms.

“Now what if I hadn’t been there to catch you, you might have hurt yourself.” Xander said flashing her a coy smile.

“Doubtful…” Kierann quickly snapped back as she pushed herself out of his arms. 

With blinding speed, she had locked Xanders arms behind his back, secured them tightly and drew her fangs. She was only inches from his neck. He reeked of human and kindred all at the same time. Though her intentions were not to harm him, nor drink from him…she wanted to make a few things clear.

“Is it fair to say that you know me better than anyone…Xander?” She whispered.

“Yeah…it is…” he replied.

“Then you should know exactly what I am capable of…” She whispered once more.

“The fact that your head isn’t twisting in the opposite direction and blood seeping from your veins also shows you the kind of restraint I have mastered.” He nodded in agreeance.

“Don’t ever mistake that restraint for anything more than what it is.” She said, releasing her grip on him.

The moment she released her grip, she had found herself in the same awkward and compromising position. The tabled had turned, though he had not tried to free himself, however she did and no matter how hard she tried his body did not budge an inch away from hers.

“And you should know that even though I am merely a half-blood, I am still stronger than you. Therefore, I assume you can imagine the restraint that I have also mastered.” He said wickedly.

“Are you trying to threaten me?” Kierann asked nearly insulted by his crude demeanor.

“No, just making a few things clear for you.” He said as he winked at her. He released her and stood with that same air of condescendence that had seemed to follow him like a disease.
He looked at her and studied her. She had been the single most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on…and the first to not openly reciprocate the same feelings. She treated him as if he was as if he was her little puppet, or so he thought anyway, he gave her his blood in return for her body. An agreement they both had come to amicably. However, for Xander it was beginning to get a little redundant a little old. He always wondered what it would be like if she was really willing and wanting to be with him. And so he made it happen the only way he could.

He locked his eyes onto hers “you my love are so happy to see me, to be able to touch me to be able to give yourself to me.”  A moment later, it was almost as if she had turned into a completely different person.

“Xander I am so happy to see you…”